Monday, December 31, 2007

Hopper's House, Happy New Year

I can't believe it's the end of another year, but looking back, it was a good one, and very full. I've finally finished this painting of Edward Hopper's former home on the dunes of Truro that I began last September. It was a wonderful day painting with friends and spectacular weather on Cape Cod. After reading in the newspaper that a very large house (read: 5 car garage) is to be built next door on the side of the house where Hopper's studio was located, changing his view forever I figured I needed to go on a pilgimage of sorts and paint it as I presume he must have viewed things. One of the articles I read about the new construction stated that the owners are very concious of the surroundings and are designing their new home with sensitivity to the environment. I hope so. I know that things don't last forever, nor should they, however, I just wanted to try to capture that idyllic location as best I could with reverence to the sensitive artist who spent many summers there. I think I did.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Public Enemy # 3.14

Still working on this one...need to look at it for awhile...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The new space is pretty good...

I was not ready for Open Studios, but getting ready was good for me and my studio which did not have walls until the week before. I now have walls for a small gallery and plenty of room to spread out and I can now actually paint...and really liking the new space. I wonder why I can't seem to just jump into a really has to become "mine." You can see Kathi's space behind the easels, and Maggie's space peeks out behind the cutaway wall below. You can't see Sue's but hers is very separate. 3 of us were working simultaneously the other day and it was just fine...I'm glad I'm there.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My First Marathon was Great, and now Over!

It was a beautiful day, I was very nervous when the starting gun went off, but crossing the finish line 6 hours, 14 minutes, and 7 seconds later was an amazing feeling. The Marine Corps clearly knows a thing or two about running a large scale race and the location, Washington, D.C. provided a phenomenal backdrop. My favorite sign along the route was held by a spectator at mile 17 that read: "The reason your feet hurt is because you're kicking ass!" Kicking ass indeed...but time to get back to painting, and posting to my blog once again.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Corner Market

This is on Tremont Street, not sure if it is Roxbury or South End...

Monday, July 30, 2007

John's, P-Town

I wanted to take a workshop a couple of summers ago with Charles Sovek whose paintings I admire but unfortunately, I was on a lengthy waiting list and did not get into this popular class. I booked a room anyway in the event that a place in the workshop opened up (or I could find out where they were and I could kind of paint nearby) but because it didn't, I painted anyway, and in this case, John's, a restaurant on the pier (wharf?) was the subject. I was sorry to learn that Mr. Sovek passed away recently, but he leaves behind a legacy of beautiful paintings. I purchased his book, "Catching Light in Your Paintings" which is a nice way to view his work and read about his thoughts on technique.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Calle Typica, San Miguel

The first painting I ever did in Mexico. San Miguel de Allende is truly a visual feast and the people were very tolerant of us setting up our easels on the streets. One woman approached Kelley and I one day to see if she could sit for us. (for a fee of course) She did not speak English, I did not speak Spanish, and I was a little skeptical, however, she did sit for us. When Ros joined us, she knew who she was because she offered to sit for her too in the past! Turns out, she appears in the Parroquia scene of "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" as an extra! I no longer have that painting...I'll have to catch her again on my next trip.

Miss Molly

Kelley's daughter Molly sat for us a few years ago. She was in high school then, I wonder what she thinks of it now?

Bella Sunday Morning

I'm really not pulling out the dregs here; I've been going through my old files of my work and came across this painting from about 3 cats ago (!) that was damaged in my basement where it somehow made it's way to the floor. (You can see the damage at the bottom). I tried my hand at restoration by attaching canvas to the back, re-gessoing the bottom, and repainting. It came out pretty good and now sits in a friend's vacation home on Cape Cod. If I can find a picture of the restored piece, I'll post it.


My son brought his girlfriend home to meet us last fall so of course, what's the first thing I ask her? Would you mind sitting for a painting? She was a good sport about it and sat for Kelley and I. We did not do her justice as she is much prettier than this painting...what do you think Patty, would you mind sitting for us again?

Monday, July 23, 2007

A View from Dorchester Heights

There are so many painting possibilities in this part of South Boston. Each time I paint here I realize that all I have to do is turn another quarter of an inch and I will see another painting.

San Juan de Dios

Kelley and I joined one of Ros' painting classes while in San Miguel in 2006. I like my painting, but I liked Kelley's also. I hope she still has it (or sold it!)

Yet Another Chair in Lynn's Garden 20"x20"

I always welcome the opportunity to paint in Lynn's magical garden. Here's another take.

Mattapan 3 Decker 22"x28"

A day of painting with Ros in Mattapan last summer. I tend to paint some pretty mundane subjects but these houses are all over Boston in varying designs and states of repair. Some are being restored beautifully, others are simply proudly standing and housing their inhabitants. Based upon their solid construction, they probably will continue to do so for many years to come. (Although the porch on this one appeared a bit saggy...)

Outside the Mercado

A painting from my first trip to San Miguel de Allende in 2004. Every place I looked I saw a painting.

Somewhere on Mass Ave

I had a difficult time trying to make this painting do what I wanted it to do...but it was fun to paint anyway...a few others really liked it as well (including the new owners of the place-they wanted to know if I was planning on selling it but I kept it at that point)..I ended up parting
with it last fall at my Open Studios. I hope she is still enjoying it. I would like to try this building again.

Houses on Telegraph Street in Southie 24"x24"

Another painting done on location with the 3 Amigos...Southie is a great painting locale. A guy walked out of this house and wanted to know why I was painting that house...this happened to me while painting a house in Mattapan also. A valid question I guess, but they just appealed to me for some reason.

Gabe Reading

My daughter's boyfriend was kind enough to pose for me and my painting buddies.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

This Blog is Under Construction

I am excited to be building this new blog of my work. Because I am new to this process, I need to make digital images of more of my work, but I just so happened to have the following already to go. Some of the following pieces are very old, but that's ok, my later stuff will be up soon.

View from the Luna Room

I was sick on my 2nd trip to San Miguel...I painted this from my room one day when I felt I shouldn't go out...


I don't know Theresa, but she posed for a group that meets regularly to paint. She liked it, and that mattered to me.

The Girls

The entire picture doesn't show here, but it was fun painting these chickens. I had 2 easels going because being animals, they kept moving so I decided I needed to also. The other painting became the cover of the chicken's owner's book on how to make your own chicken feed.

Looking Up at the Parroquia

My friend Kelley and I decided to travel to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to paint with Ros, and this beautiful town put me on visual overload. The Parroquia, a Catholic church right off the Jardin beckoned, but it was so ornate, I decided to do a small segment of it, looking upward.

Seated Model and Sleeping Cat

A painting from one of Ros' classes, also from the mid nineties. I added the cat later....

Little Harbor Garden

Another early painting from the mid 90's while on a "Painting Safari" with a group of painting students and our teacher Ros. My friend Kelley was a part of this group as well, and we have continued to paint with Ros over the years as a friend.

Lynn's Garden Chair

I can't remember the exact year I painted was around 1995 or so I think, but it remains one of my favorites. Lynn's garden is an amazing and inspirational place, and she graciously invites us to paint there each year.