Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Painting Hiatus and Something New

As many of you have read in my comments, I have ended my year of painting as my main focus. With the advent of a new full time job, plus classes in web development, painting is not in the forefront in the practical sense, but it is always with me, whether I am actually painting or for now, just seeing. Anyway, I agreed to join fellow blogger and friend Kelley MacDonald's suggestion of a challenge among her painting posse...with the title, "Girls Just Wanna Paint." Each month one member of the group comes up with a subject for each of us to paint at a size of 6"X6" independently for a range of interpretations. This month, Kelley provided each of us with a starfish and Voila...above is my version. Please visit:  to see some of the other entries. They should all be posted soon. 6x6 is not a size I'm used to, but it seems doable right now.