Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Early Autumn at the James Library" 12 x 12

Since this blog is titled "ME and my Paintings," I thought I would add a little more background about me, the author and artist. This is the first painting I was able to paint since breaking and dislocating a couple of fingers in October while training for the NYC Marathon which I ran successfully on November 6. A minor accident but with more daily impact than I cared for, painting was not going to happen until I at least had my cast removed and even now, my hand is not fully recovered but I can hold a paintbrush. I finally completed this painting for my painting challenge group, "Girls Just Wanna Paint," just in time for the opening of our show this Friday night at, you guessed it, the James Library in Norwell. There will be lots of wonderful small sized paintings by this talented group of ladies who, well, just wanna paint!


Quwwa said...

Great work despite the injuries, hoped they've healed up now, great landscape work...I've considered working on a few of them myself, just to relax a bit...Keep it up!

Paula Villanova said...

Great to hear from you Quwaa...would love to see some of your landscapes. Thanks for visiting!