Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Compton Cows

The cows kept moo-ving around...a little tough to capture but fun nonetheless.


Selene said...

These cows are adorable. You pick some great subjects and moving or not you capured the feeling of the moment. Just three cows hanging out...

Maggie M said...

Hi Paula,
did not have time to leave a comment the other day when I was in studio.
I DO like this painting, a lot! You really did a good job with the cows!
The only thing I would change is the LEFT side of painting-it is 'heavier' then the right-keeps pulling your eye over there! If you block the left corner with your hand-you will see what I mean-that Balances the painting.I would try to change the water/land over there-or add a tree or something?NOT sure, just know that I want to look at cows-and the left side keeps catching my attention.
Hope that makes sense?
P.s. you do NOT have a link to this blog from your website-you should! (This coming from the artist that doesn't even have a website-LOL)
maggie m

Paula Villanova said...

Thanks Maggie, I ALWAYS appreciate your feedback and observations. This was an attempted "alla prima" painting (one session, although I will admit to some touch ups in the studio(!)). On that level, it was a fun subject and painting and will probably stand as is. But much like sketchbook drawings, such paintings are good sketches to build skill and develop seeing. Good commentary, thanks again!

Maggie M said...

Hi Paula,
I can't believe you could get such a great painting in one session! I definately think you could do a larger/more involved painting based on this painting.
Happy painting!
Maggie M

Paula Villanova said...

Yep...when I get to the farm (hopefully this week!)I will be a little closer to being a master cow painter!!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love doing cows but they do mooooo-ve too much.
Hey, Maggie is that you? I wanne see that half a cow up on a blog soooooon. XO, MSW

Paula Villanova said...

Thanks Mary, always great to hear from you!