Wednesday, August 6, 2008

McGoo's Pizzeria

I used to drive past this building in Southie on my way to work some mornings. I have always loved looking at it but painting it was another story. I was standing on a hill opposite this building and the vantage point was challenging to say the least. I was looking up at parts of it and down at other parts while the road to the left, Dorchester Street sloped down and being one of those unique buildings I love so much...not all the windows are the same size! (at least on the storefront) Anyway, this one was not for sissies...and I should really try it again just to see how it comes out. I met alot of nice folks while I was painting it; that's one of the perks of plein air painting.


Unknown said...

There are lots of things I like about your paintings,but I think your color choices are my favorite. I love the way purple shows up in the most unexpected places.

Paula Villanova said...

Thanks Deborah, sometimes I am even surprised where the purple shows up! (but not always!)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You are one of the few who can use purple, but not make it scream out.
Your design and color harmony are always so strong. You rock.